Brand Identity

ARCASACRA (a:’ka.’sa.kra)

Definition: Sacred Ark.


Arcasacra, is a Creativity and Arts Community (Comunidad) with a central online marketplace (EthicArts) specific for Creative Industries (Freelancers, SME’s and Consolidated companies). It is designed to become the market leader in Creative Industries Marketplaces by positioning and differencing from their competitors. It is located in Edinburgh (SCO) but with its staff located in different countries around EU.

Even when there are already similar profitable and consolidated online marketplaces, none of them are really focused just on creatives industries. Focusing in just this (huge) niche, we will be able to provide our customers a real Community sense. Many companies claim they care about “its community” but we will be the first one really keeping that value in our core. 

That difference is in the origin of our own name: coming from ancient Latin, and meaning “Sacred Ark”, Arcasacra is a two ways business model, just like the palindrome that gives its name. It is a platform for Creatives Industries to contact and collaborate with each other (Business to Business, B2B) and for their potential customers (Business to Costumer, B2C) to help them to find the right product or service for their needs. 

Brand Story

The name ARCASACRA (Sacred Ark) is directly inspired on Prometheus Myth according to the classical texts. When Prometheus stole the fire from the gods as a gift for the humans, the gods sent Pandora to the Earth who opens a box with all the badness that rules our world since then leaving just the Hope inside the box.


ARCASACRA’s logo is based in the ancient symbol know as “triquetra” which is related to different cultures (i.e. celtic). It is form by three intersected circles with the S in the middle and enclosed by a circle which represents the community spirit of the company.

Colour & Typo

Our brand colors are based in the purple which represents the Creativity in a different cultures and phylosophies. As well is identified as a female entity as Pandora is said brought the box in the greek mythology.

The Typos we used are thought to be accesible to everybody, and easy to read on a screen.


The Brand’s Jingle is divided in the three elements that inspire our Comunidad: friendly community, technolgy company but with a classical roots based in the ancient Arts classification.