Our Ethics

We wanted for ARCASACRA what we wanted to see in other companies, we wanted to be the change in companies we want to see in the world. As an ethical company we have a clearly defined Social, Environment and Governance principles at our core values.

At Arcasacra we have a strong moral against:

  • advertising industry that target consumers constantly and create a desire for something you don’t need.
  • consumerism and neoliberal capitalism that not take into account Humanity and Environment
  • data harvesting and trafficking of metadata for commercial purposes against people, specially those more vulnerable. 
  • internet trackers to analyse your behaviour when the 
  • turning users into products.
  • avoiding paying taxes and use economic engineering with that purpose.
  • discrimination of any type, despise, censorship and hate propaganda.

We promote:

  • Humane, Community focused, Circular economy and Fair purchasing
  • Climate Action, Zero Waste, recycling and reuse.
  • Gender Equality and inclusive employment and employing wellbeing
  • Positive Value Chain and responsible product and services.
  • Transparency.
  • Communication across cultures, 
  • Culture and knowledge as a human right.

Fair Trading

We consider the right to receive a fair payment per job (product or service) as a human right. We see how constantly professionals have to reduce their incomes just to appear first on internet searching, fight competition, overtime and overwork provoking stress, mental and health issues.

That is the main reason we only charge the smaller fee we have calculate fair in order to provide the service, pay our providers, grow and expand our services as a company focused in your needs, have a living wage and pay back the community to help those is more need than us.

We want to provide our Creators with all the tools and resources they could need for the right development of your work, meaning centralised work environment, time efficiency to save them the tedious work not related with creative process.

We want to provide our Collectors unique services and products from our Creators, personalised, not mass produced, and at fair price where you know no 3rd party are adding costs.

We want to link local creators with local collectors to avoid adding cost due to shipping abroad when possible, and create a true community focused and humane economy.

Taxes and Fraud

We are deeply against fraud and tax evasion and all the economic engineering to avoid paying your taxes. Taxes help the local community, create infrastructures, services, and spread culture for those who can not afford private services. However, we deeply condemn those authorities that expend that money in overpriced projects, funds malversation, money spend in warfare, etc.

Ethic Bank and affiliates

We will have our accounts in ethic banks where money is invest in ethic projects and not those banks who were or are responsible in unethical practises.

The same goes for our affiliates. We won’t have any affiliate involved in unethical practises and in the case some ethical practise rise up to public knowledge we will immediately cut any relation with anybody no matter individual, union, association or organisation.